About Us

Our Mission

Supporting international Digital Tech companies with profitable growth and critical size

Providing our European platform of best-in-class entrepreneurs with an exclusively entrepreneurial governance

Actively participating in the life of the company through a minority stake replacing sleeping capital

Our Added Value

An Operational experience, knowledge of partners, clients and key people to strengthen human capital in each geography

A unique ability to approach acquisition targets thanks to our trusted relationships and in-depth knowledge of the field

A real availability and time for a committed collaboration

Our Investment Strategy

Independent and controlling Tech entrepreneurs

Strong profitable growth

Focus on international development and acquisitions

Deals exclusively owned by our entrepreneurs' network

Total commitment of the team and our entrepreneurs to support a new generation of ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs

Track Record / Dealmaking

Over 25 years in the profitable tech growth segment

80+ deals completed in Europe with a resilient and performing track record (avg. multiple >2.5x)

Equity investments are made at very attractive valuations

Friendly minority governance

Disciplined cooperation and full alignment of interests between our entrepreneur-investors and the companies we support